sud (subset, covariates/line adjustment)
bet1: level 1, bet2: level 1, n = 000

leg = 1

bet1: level 1, bet2: level 2, n = 000

leg = 2

bet1: level 2, bet2: level 1, n = 000

leg = 3

bet1: level 2, bet2: level 2, n = 000

leg = 4

by: level 1
by: level 2
by: level 3
note (variables split, error bars type, line type).
splot(laby ~ labx * by * bet1 * bet2)

general settings

labelsHide all labels with FALSE
labels.filterFilter out strings from label text. Default is '_|\\.', which replaces underscores and periods with blank spaces.
labels.trimTruncate labels that are longer than the set number of characters, or prevent truncation with FALSE.
levelsRename or reorder the levels that appear in the legend or panels (e.g., levels = list(by = c('a','b','c')); see the full documentation for more).
lvnHide the variable names before the legend and panel labels with FALSE.
mv.as.xWhen y has multiple variables, by is used to list their names (so they appear in the legend). Move these to x with TRUE.
bg, fgChange the background or text colors with a code or name (e.g., bg = '#c9c9c9'). fg applies to label texts.
omaAdjust the spacing around the plot window: c(bottom, left, top, right), e.g., oma = c(3, 2, 3, 2).